Mark Ryden - Mark is a Southern California painter who has really inspired me recently. Even though his style is quite different from my own, I love the strange, sad, personal quality in his imagery and his meticulous painting style.

Tim Biskup - Tim is a Southern California graphic artist and painter who's joyful and vibrant imagery is absolutely irresistible. He has embraced the design elements of the graphic arts and elevated it to a refined level that transcends its disposable origins.

Ray Brown - Ray is a Southern California artist and a friend of mine. He works in graphite and shares my passion for nature and wildlife. Ray's renderings capture the amazing layers of detail and depth that are always there but are often overlooked by those who only "drive past" nature, on their way to someplace indoors.

Aaron Kraten - Aaron is a Southern California artist who works in mixed media on wood panels. His work is full of hidden meaning and multiple layers of imagery. You could look at one of Aaron's painting a hundred times and always see something new. He combines graffiti culture graphics with found objects from every imaginable time period and subject matter.